After extensive public consultation and review, SBS has introduced revised complaints handling procedures, designed to make it easier for you to have your concerns about SBS programs and content addressed.

Informal complaints include your concerns that a program has been discontinued or if you have comments about a program presenter.


To make a formal complaint about SBS programs or content you must identify yourself (name and address), identify the program concerned, the date of broadcast, explain what aspect of the program you are complaining about, and if possible, identify the Code of Practice which you believe applies to the program or content. If you are complaining about online or new media content, you will need to identify where you viewed it.

You can also send a fax or use the official online complaint form.

SBS will not accept email complaints.


Write to:
Audience Affairs Manager
Special Broadcasting Service
Locked Bag 028
Crows Nest, NSW, 1585

Fax (02) 9430 3047

The SBS online complaint form can be accessed here.

Then what?

The Audience Affairs Manager investigates all formal complaints. The Audience Affairs Manager reports directly to the Managing Director and is independent of all SBS programming departments.

The Audience Affairs Manager is responsible for ensuring a proper and fair investigation and determining whether the complaint is upheld or not. The Audience Affairs Manager replies to complaints and manages enquiries and issues about the complaint handling procedures.

In some cases, for example, where a complaint raises complex issues about a Code, the complaint will be referred internally to SBS’ Complaints Committee for further consideration. The Complaints Committee is made up of:

  • the Head of Television;
  • the Head of Radio;
  • the Chief Technology Officer;
  • the Audience Affairs Manager; and
  • one member independent of the Division being investigated, nominated and agreed to by the other members on a complaint-by-complaint basis.

Your complaint will be assessed as formal or informal. Once a complaint has been assessed as formal, the Audience Affairs Manager will send you a letter:

  1. acknowledging receipt of the complaint;
  2. informing you that the Audience Affairs Manager will investigate the matter;
  3. providing an estimated timeframe for the complaint to be responded to; and
  4. advising you about your rights to external review if you are not satisfied with SBS’ response.


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