The following statement was issued by the Northern Regional Council of the Uniting Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress last September in response to the decisions of the Uniting Church over the issue of homosexuality in the Church.

Whilst many months have passed since the statement was issued we believe it is still relevant and of public interest to publish it now to allow the Aboriginal view on the subject to be heard and understood by the Church at large.


We read and understand from Genesis chapter one verses 26 & 27 that man was made in the image of God, in the likeness of God, and that "male and female He created them". He created them to "be fruitful and increase in number". Also from chapter 2 verses 21 to 24 we understand woman was formed from man with the intention that man and woman be united and "they will become one flesh".

God has also revealed Himself to the indigenous peoples of this land through the creation beings. We understand from Djan'kawu, Barama , and Wagilag and the stories of creation that God brought forth from the earth bone/bundurr which is sacred and blood/wukundi which is life. Accompanying these was madayin/law. By God's breath of Spirit was life given to bundurr. This is the sacredness of life and the law which accompanies it, is to ensure peace, tranquility - a harmony with all of God's creation - magayamirr dhukarr. We are to be djungunymirr, to stop and think of the law and system, of life and it's sacredness before acting.

Leviticus 18 has much to say which mirrors our understanding of God's life giving way to live. At this time the ministers and leaders of NRCC are boyu gora i.e. ashamed - what is a possibility in the UCA is against everything we believe and are as a people. This is such a threat to us, it's like bringing something which will destroy us as a people. We are ashamed to be known as members and ministers of the UnitingChurch.

Our resolution

We the members of the NRCC can not accept the recognition of persons in same sex relationship within leadership of the Uniting Church. We are not comfortable being in a church which accepts as a valid sexual ethic 'right relationships' of the same sex. If the UnitingChurch continues to be open to persons who are in a same sex relationship being accepted into leadership, then there is no place for the indigenous members of the Northern Synod in the Uniting Church. We see same sex relationships as being against the very sacredness and holiness of the life and law God has given us as a people.

Northern Regional Council UAICC
27th September 2003

Source: Aboriginal & Islander Christian Congress

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