America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy, and is ultimately governed by its Constitution and not the will of the majority. That Constitution has been praised by human rights, freedom experts and legal scholars worldwide.

The founders in their wisdom realised there would be issues of public importance that would arise in future that would need to be addressed that were not mentioned in this constitution. They left the responsibility of dealing with these issues to the individual states. Alternatively they installed measures to amend the Constitution to deal with such issues. Thousands of attempts to amend the Constitution have been launched with only 27 being successful. The first 10 amendments resulted in the significantly important Bill of Rights.

The U S Constitution makes no mention of abortion hence the U S Supreme Court Justices recently made the correct decision to remove abortion from federal purview. The abortion issue is now to be handled by the individual states. About half the states have severe restraint on abortion and half have, like Australia, little or no restriction.

Unless and until the U S Constitution is successfully amended to include the "right to abortion", rightly or wrongly, the individual states have the constitutional right to legislate on abortion as they see fit. It is what is colloquially known as "power to the people".

Aussies have yet to realise that "power to the people" is not necessarily a good thing but thank God that the longsuffering Christians in the US will no longer be forced to finance the shedding of innocent blood with their federal tax dollars as we are forced to do here in Australia. Thank God that the disastrous Roe v Wade decision, just like the U S Supreme Court decision that said blacks were not people, has finally been overturned!!!!!

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We have been full time lobbyists for Aussie families since 1983.  AFF is dedicated to upholding Biblical family values, promoting a Biblical Christian worldview, and educating and mobilising concerned individuals to positively affect their homes, communities, country and world.

We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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