On 18 October before a Senate Committee in Canberra it was discovered that “government officials were unable to answer questions about the enforcement of classification laws.”  In other words the Gillard government is flagrantly disregarding the law concerning pornography in Australia!

Senator Guy Barnett, in today’s Media Release, says, “Call-in notices are being issued for magazines and films but most are being ignored.”  According to the Classification Board’s Annual Report for 2009/10 “49 publications were called in for classification but not one response was received.”  These requests from the Board were simply ignored by the pornographers who refused to get their porn classified.

What other safeguards are also ignored?

“The net result of this non compliance is that pornographic and offensive material, including child pornography, is being illegally made available to the public in places such as service stations and convenience stores,”  according to Senator Barnett.

Of the 444 films called in by the Board for classification “only a handful” were actually sent into the Board.  This is an extreme breach of the law and allows for the most dangerous types of pornography to be disseminated all across Australia with no protections in place at all!

They are breaking the law with impunity and must be stopped.

Click here to the email the Prime Minister and Attorney General and express your outrage at their lack of concern about hard core pornography flooding across Australia with little to no hindrance by the ALP/Green government.   Contact your local MP and ask them to act in your best interests by demanding that Gillard enforce the classification laws and change them where they are inadequate.

Senator Guy Barnett, Chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee is a proven friend of the family.  He recently (16/10/10) said, “Australia’s classification system is broken.”  We agree.  So called ‘soft porn’ magazines like Penthouse, People, Picture, Zoo and others are in a category that is legally sold to/accessed by/displayed to children of all ages.

This is simply wrong.

Ask Prime Minister Gillard and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to please enforce existing laws concerning magazine and film classifications, which Senator Barnett’s Committee found were being flagrantly ignored.

Also ask your own MP to act on your behalf and contact the Prime Minister for you.  Senator Barnett requested that we cc emails and letters to Shadow Attorney General George Brandis.

While you are at it, send an email to Senator Guy Barnett and thank him for his longstanding service in support of family values in Australia.  Unfortunately he was not re-elected and retires from the Senate 30/6/11.

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We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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