Millions are being spent by KFC/Pizza Hut, 3Mobile and Starburst (a division of the US giantMars food conglomerate) to sponsor Channel 10's Big Brother program.

According to The Australian of 26 April 2007, TV's most popular website portal, with up to 1.5 million users per month, is now set to broadcast "video, nude shower photographs and stories not suitable for under-15s." The Big Brother TV show, Internet streaming and mobile phone broadcasting are all sponsored by KFC (, yet another US company which also owns Pizza Hut), 3mobile (mobile phone company which redirects all phonecalls to India) andStarburst (a division of Mars).

These companies, according to The Australian, have paid millions of dollars to reach an audience "across TV, mobile phones and the internet."

Last year, writing from Canberra in the Tasmanian Mercury (4 July 2006), Laura Anderson quotes Prime Minister John Howard as saying, "Get this stupid program off the air." Kim Beazley says, "I don't like seeing young women treated that way." Trish Draper MP says, "Time for Big Brother to go."

We at AFF agree with the Prime Minister and thinking political leaders (if that's not a contradiction in terms) that Big Brother should be taken off the air, not rewarded with millions of dollars in corporate sponsorship. 

We also understand that the Beattie ALP Govt in Queensland is also supporting Big Brother with his state's tax dollars. Queenslanders can let Mr Beattie know how they feel about their tax dollars being used to broadcast "nude shower photographs" by going to our Click and Lobbypage and clicking on Queensland. You can then email the Premier directly from this website.

Companies marketing a family image and seeking the family dollar such as American companiesKFC/Pizza Hut and Starburst/Masterfoods/Mars should be held to account by the families of Australia. They are not promoting filth in the USA (or India!), but apparently it's OK to contribute to the decline of standards in Australia.

The following companies that sponsor this program - any and all of their products - will be boycotted by us at AFF as long as they continue to act in a manner that is not helping Australian families. 

We have asked for a full list of products marketed by Mars, the products marketed by 3mobile and the products marketed by KFC/Pizza Hut. That way we can know fully well which products or services to boycott. You can ask them for the same list.

AFF would like to include the name of someone responsible from Mars Confectionery of Australiabut were told they have a policy of not telling anyone the names of their board members or CEO! They would also not give us an email address. If you know anyone that works for them, please ask and let us know.

If you are concerned please contact the following sponsors of Big Brother's website:

Starburst: Mars Confectionery of Australia;
PO Box 633, Ballarat VIC 3353,
Ph: 03 5337 7000 Fax: 03 5337 7096
(Masterfoods brand is a division of Mars; they have lots of products that we can boycott)

3mobile: FOK Kin-ning, Canning, Chairman;
Hutchison Telecommunications (Australia) Limited;
PO Box 388; St Leonards NSW 1590
Ph: 02 9964 4646 Fax: 02 9964 4668 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KFC: Roger Eaton, Senior Vice President;
Locked Bag 522; Frenchs Forest NSW 2086
Ph 02 9930 3000 Fax: 02 9930 3001 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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