I am talking with this beautiful young Aussie Christian girl whose recent Christian marriage was destroyed by her Christian husband's porno addiction that I have decided it is no longer time for my usual grace, tact and timidity.

When the director of the old, popular Promise Keepers ministry in Australia told me what I was doing was irrelevant to PK and it would be inappropriate for me to address one of their Christian men's rallies the American Director told me, "You don't have to wonder what's in his top drawer, do you?"

"So-called" Family friendly Christian political ministries, the biggest in Qld, endorse the LNP govt which refuses to protect children from unrestricted access to the legal sale, display and perusal of Penthouse magazine in the family marketplace and even says it welcomes more misogynist mosques to teach Sharia Law in Queensland.  These ministries, to a one, refuse to join my campaign that has successfully restricted these magazines in other states, by asking the Qld Premier to please restrict porn mags in his state.

Sadly they also adopt an unbiblical and dangerous model on prostitution, homosexuality, govt intervention in the home and other important issues.  When you take your eyes of God and His unending Word and remove yourself from the position of Dominion that He has created for His people then it seems as if one puts on blinders which restrict a Biblical Worldview to a whatever-is-seen or whatever-is-practical worldview.

CS Lewis correctly stated that whenever you reach for the heavens, you get the earth thrown in, reach for the earth and you get neither. It is, however, impractical to reach for the heavens!

Establishing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Sweden, or Canada is not what we are commanded to do as followers of Christ.  Dropping our vision never lifts us up into the heavenlies where we are able to join celestial armies and defeat God's foes.

Christian defense of prodigious use of the "F" word in "American Sniper" — or anywhere for that matter —, defense of Christian entertainer Marina Pryor (a pastor's wife who admits marriage troubles) stripping before the public and prancing topless across a theatre stage and the woeful way in which American Christian entertainer Carrie Underwood dresses in the immodest attire of a streetwalking prostitute just proves the planned effect of the desensitising we have all have unwittingly (hopefully) undergone.  Many other examples abound but simply prove that God and His Word are held in lower esteem than the old, worn out Situation Ethics taught by our woefully wrong, Marxist indoctrinated Sociology Professors. We can't serve 2 Gods, which will it be for you?

I know many disagree, and I am always open to Biblical correction and reproof in my ministry, but whenever we build anything on an unbiblical platform, whatever we build on it will fall.  Shame that it takes so many of our innocent and unwary women — like the one I started this article about — and children — like the hundreds of thousands abused and molested because of the mainstreaming of pornography — down with it.  Real Men should protect them.

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We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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