News just in from The Sun:

"PORNHUB and xHamster are set to be blocked in Germany after the sites' lack of cooperation in implementing age verification checks. ... It comes amid an ongoing campaign to have all pornographic websites in Germany implement age verification checks, with officials currently taking action against four major pornography websites, WIRED reported."

As all of my supporters know we have been asking the Prime Minister and federal MPs to block PornHub for years. Perhaps now that Germany is leading this charge to better protect their children our Prime Minister will follow. Morrison announces an 18 month long study into "age verification" laws for Internet porn. Don't be played like a fiddle. Go to Internet Porn and Children Raping Children in Australia and find out why this is nonsense and simply kicking the can farther down the road. Just how many thousands of children will be raped and sexually interfered with during this 18 months and why aren't they worth better protection NOW? Turnbull, who started Australian Playboy magazine Down Under and eulogised American pornographer Hugh Hefner, says his greatest political achievement was establishing same sex marriage as the law of the land. ScoMo, Malcolm Lite, need not continue in Turnbull's footsteps. Remember it was Malcolm Turnbull who set up the useless eSafety Commissioner in Australia. Email the PM and ask him to block PornHub.

Click on "Take Action" and scroll down to "Politicians" and ask the Prime Minister to follow Germany's lead and block PornHub. Leaders lead, followers follow. Scott Morrison, or "Malcolm Lite" as he is known, has refused all requests from the Australian Federation for the Family to block this Canadian based Amsterdam owned Internet porn giant who send images of children being raped around the world. He can easily stop them from sending their child/rape imagery into Australia. Perhaps he will listen to you!

For much more on why PornHub must be blocked in Australia simply go to: Internet Porn and Children Raping Children in Australia

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We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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