Some Christian activist groups in Australia have given their Imprimatur to the Nordic Model on prostitution. This is shameful for those who call themselves followers of Christ.

Sadly, the Nordic Model allows our daughters to become whores. We, as Christians, are not to be like other people, we are to be like Christ. We must vociferously withstand ALL aspects of prostitution. Our prayer should be to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in heaven, not Sweden or Canada.

Martin Luther correctly stated that the fact that you may not succeed should never deter you from doing what is right. It is right to protect our daughters from the ravages of the prostitution trade. Legal prostitution, the Nordic and Canadian model,simply provides a fertile breeding ground for sex traffickers. It is most certainly NOT a Christian proposal or one that can be championed by Christians. It was vehemently stood against by many Christian leaders and community groups in Canada.

Anyone with a Biblical Christian Worldview must stand firm against any and all aspects of prostitution. The woman at the well was chastised by Jesus and told by Him to go and sin no more. The Canadian and Nordic proposal allows her to continue in her sin. Those of us with a Biblical Christian Worldview must uphold Biblical morality. As former Reagan adviser Linda Chavez says, "We must be militant defenders of Biblical morality."

When Dr Ted Baehr was a US Attorney in New York they adopted the Nordic Model and just about all it did was prohibit some high profile men from getting their name in print for visiting a brothel. This flawed Canadian and Swedish proposal simply proscribes men who visit prostitutes. Even New York has abandonded this inadequate law.

The Nordic model is mistakenly upheld by those who desperately need to lift their vision. CS Lewis correctly stated that when you reach for the heavens you get the earth thrown in, reach for the earth and you get neither. The Nordic Model is most certainly reaching for the earth.

ALL aspects of prostitution, yes ALL aspects of this pernicious trade, must be vigorously withstood by anyone with a Biblical Christian Worldview. Flawed American President Teddy Rooseveldt correctly identified this problem when he prophetically stated, "It is not that we have set the bar too high and do not achieve it, it is that we set the bar too low and do achieve it." The Nordic Model on prostitution allows our daughters to become whores and is most certainly setting the bar too low!

Look at some of the other aspects of unbiblical public policy that those who support the Nordic Model either support or do not oppose. A homosexual sex registry comes to mind as does the socialist provision of the 'guvt' paying mothers who stay at home. A ban on X Rated DVDs in the ACT and Northern Territory is not supported by these same groups. How about the refusal to join a national campaign to boycott the financiers paying for the televising of Australia's eternally shameful sodomy celebration the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras? How about the refusal of those to help stop the display and sale of Penthouse magazine and other porn magazines to children in their state? I could go on and on.

These groups are already stretched to the limit I am sure but I also am sure they could direct their considerable numbers to support or oppose the above mentioned campaigns, for our children's sake at least.

I am reminded of a poem quoted by Kenneth Johns in his book Election: Love Before Time where he says, "We look to see what the Scripture commands and then we amend it as reason demands." Some mistakenly consider the Nordic Model to be reasonable, I don't, but they sure cannot make the claim that it is Scriptural.

For God's sake and the sake of all the young girls in Australia we need to lift our vision to the heavens and proscribe all aspects of prostitution.

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