As hard as it is to believe, we actually have judges, academics, media and law enforcement professionals, politicians and other business and community leaders in positions of power and influence who are as warped as this guy.  Collectively they are known as the International Academic Paedophile Movement and are alive and well and very active Down Under. (See Blog and submission)  Our children are under assault and are crying out for help.  Someone has to do a better job of protecting them.  We have one of the highest youth suicide rates in the world and the Academic Paedophile Movement, with their destructive porn fuelled agenda, are greatly contributing to the destruction of childhood.

Those of us who call ourselves followers of Christ MUST show the next generation a future filled with hope instead of the future they see filled with the deadly and destructive perversions of those who are of their father the devil.  The way to best overcome the monumental advances made by International Academic Paedophile Movement is to arm ourselves with the truth, be not unaware of their nefarious agenda and as Nehemiah 4:14 says — fight for our families!!!

The war ahead of us is winnable but it must be fought, not ignored, to be won. When we arm ourselves with the truth and bring Jesus into the picture, the picture changes.  Eph 5:11 admonishes us to not participate in but to expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness.  We bring them out into the light and let the Lord of the Heaven and Earth deal with them.  His light always overcomes the darkness!!  He has chosen to use you and me to do this, lets not disappoint Him or our children.

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We have been full time lobbyists for Aussie families since 1983.  AFF is dedicated to upholding Biblical family values, promoting a Biblical Christian worldview, and educating and mobilising concerned individuals to positively affect their homes, communities, country and world.

We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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