Did you know the current pandemic has resulted in an explosion in child exploitation and abuse? Predator use of social media to groom and desensitise our kids with porn has skyrocketed during lockdown. Internet sex trafficking has increased exponentially in just these last few months. We MUST get more serious about this fight.

When it comes to pornography in Australia, who has more control: our Prime Minister + the Attorney General + the Australian Federal Police + our Police Ministers + our MPs…OR the legal Canadian Internet porn company: PORNHUB? The Federal Police just busted an Internet smut ring linked to criminal activity across NSW, WA and QLD because they were disseminating photos of underage children being raped. Why does the same standard not apply to PORNHUB which continues to invade Australian homes with such imagery.

Children in Australia continue to do what children are designed to do: imitate adult behaviour. This means acting out Internet porn scenarios to which they have unrestricted access. As we have reported in the past a leading child protection expert warns on ABC Radio “of a rise in the number of young children sexually abusing their peers in preschool and primary schools across Australia.” A UK study just reported that “pornography introduces new sexual ideas and practices to young people.” The study found “Most children had viewed pornography they found disturbing or overly aggressive, with many saying they believed it influenced how they behaved in sexual encounters.” Australian children deserve better protection. Help us provide it to them!

Still, our government foolishly insists and expects us to believe their solution - the “eSafety Commissioner” - is adequate. Here’s how “eSafety” actually works:

  • AFTER the child has been exposed and
  • AFTER they have been sexually assaulted and
  • IF someone actually locates the imagery and
  • IF the offending images somehow get to the eSafety Commissioner and
  • IF the eSafety Commissioner looks at the imagery and
  • IF he or she decides it is somehow offensive (or not)
  • THEN the image MAY or MAY NOT be taken down.

How does this protect the sexually abused and scarred-for-life children?

Look at the results of our inadequate protection in recent news:

As a longtime supporter you know that to win the war we have to fight the battles. You’ve been with us in the trenches and have seen us fight well above our weight. The victories we’ve accomplished together have been against all the odds. This letter has a 3-fold purpose 1. To mobilise you to take action - because we know we can count on you; 2. To get others to join your voice and also take action - encourage your family, friends and church members to help; 3. To ask for your help financially - if we can’t ask you, who can we ask? Victimised Australian children are crying out for help; even at a time so difficult for us all, these are issues that we cannot ignore.

You can help us stop PORNHUB and enact Opt-in laws for Internet porn.

ACTION: Ask our Prime Minister to stop foreign-owned PORNHUB from flooding Australia with underage rape/porn images. The Federal Police stopped a multi-state-based Internet outfit, so why not apply the same standard against this subsidiary of international Amsterdam-based porn behemoth MINDGEEK? PORNHUB must join this list of the many sites that have already been unplugged in Australia - it can be done.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is ultimately responsible for the imagery our children are exposed to. His government his capable of enacting Opt-in legislation for Internet porn. Opt-in means interested customers have to apply for it to receive it. Since children’s devices are linked to their parents' accounts, the newly popular “age verification” proposal will never work. The Dial-a-Porn operators in Australia were defeated when you helped us get opt-in laws passed for this kind of service.

Prime Minister Morrison can “show us his faith by his works”. You can help us help him make the right decision. Go to ausfamily.org, click on “Take Action” and “Politicians” and you can go directly to the PM’s page, the Attorney General’s page and all other MPs and Senators and ask them.

Shockingly, the UN General Assembly is even planning to change its definition of child porn to only include photos where children are actually being sexually molested! We have stopped all depictions of children in domestically-produced porn; even images of any who appear under-18 have been forbidden. Now the UN is giving dangerous sexual exploitation credibility by legitimising photos of real children in real child porn situations by redefinition. The World Health Organisation, a branch of the UN, just published and distributed a document officially recommending early childhood masturbation for under 4 year-olds! The instructions they endorse for children above age 4 about sex and gender identity are equally shocking yet our PM endorses sending them hundreds of millions of our tax dollars, money which could be much better spent in Australia.

We must look at the world through the “corrective lenses of Holy Writ” and not from the perspective of the UN, the WHO, Norway, or any other country. We always try to set a biblical standard, not a socialist or a Marxist or a popular standard. The present policies we propose are revenue neutral - will cost nothing - and once established will help us better protect our children. The standard God honours is His Word all others fall short!

We MUST take a more aggressive stand against porn in Australia. Our children deserve it. You have helped us in the past and we need your help again. Margaret and I have lived in faith for over 37 years and have invested literally everything we have in this ministry. It is all for the sake of the next generation. Our children and grandchildren will inherit the culture we hand them. Many Internationally recognised successes have occurred because we have remained faithful to what God has called us to do. Although it has been very difficult financially we are not giving up. Your help over the years has been invaluable and we thank you so much for it. I have the ear of many prominent parliamentarians and could fight this and other important battles more effectively with more finances. We have sold a car and many personal possessions to further this ministry. I am back to wood-hooking to help pay bills though I just had my 69th birthday a few days ago!

Our daughter Christina and her husband have 7 daughters (photos on request!) and she just delivered a 10 pound 2 ounce boy on July 4! Celebrate with us by helping them see a more porn-free future instead of a more dangerous one filled with the deadly perversions of sexual predators. Your help is greatly needed and deeply appreciated. God bless you for it! Please, keep in touch and let us know of your specific prayer requests in these especially challenging times.

Every Blessing,


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We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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