... Not What Is In His Hand

Do you leave your keys in your car when you park in a public place? Do you leave your house or apartment unlocked when you are away? Do you leave cash out, unprotected, in public? If not then you admit that you realise the problem is not with an inanimate object, it is with the unregenerate heart of man.

CONSIDER: The City of Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US, yet 218 people have been killed so far this year. 28 people were shot in 20 separate shooting incidents last weekend alone. Gun control makes people feel good. But it solves very little. After all, the schools where the mass shootings occurred were all in a "Gun Free Zone".

Jer 17:9 nails it when he says, "The heart of man is deceitful above ALL things and desperately wicked." Some wise individual once opined that if we beat our swords into ploughshares today and our spears into pruning hooks we would be killing each other with ploughshares and pruning hooks. Knives kill, mame and injure heaps more in the UK than anything else.

Dealing with the cause of the issue - the wicked heart of man - is much, much more important than dealing with the result of the issue - gun violence. Focusing only on the result will never negate the cause.

An even wiser individual in His last supper with His followers (Luke 22:36) told them if they had no sword with which to defend their family they should sell their cloak and purchase one. Important to note here that the government is saying the exact opposite, "Get rid of your guns and buy a cloak." Who should you believe?

Some understand the problem is not what is in a man's hand, it is what is in a man's heart. As long as man's heart is wicked there will be violence. The mechanical expedient of throwing down one's arms does nothing to placate the sinful heart of man and stop said violence.

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