Josh McDowell recently asked me, "Who are your granddaughters going to marry?" I'll ask readers the same question.  I have just returned to Australia from addressing and attending a major international conference - Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation.

Speakers included Josh McDowell who launched his latest book - The Porn Phenomenon. I have the very first autographed copy. He says porn is a major problem in every church in the world and continues with the following warnings.

  • Porn is the greatest encumbrance to the Gospel in the world today.
  • Porn will be mainstream in the church in 3 to 4 years. Every single pastor and student at a recent Christian conference raised their hand - there were thousands! - admitting a "problem" with porn.
  • The church will self destruct if it does not address the porn problem.
  • No greater social problem in the world than porn. In the church 47% of 36 to 60 year-olds actively seek out porn, 65% of 25 to 39 year-olds and 81% of 13 to 24 year-olds actively seek out porn. Notice the younger ages seek out porn much more than the older age group. 56% of 18 to 24 year-old Christian women actively seek out porn.

McDowell says the millennials are the most prodigious users of porn in history and because of that we will see porn mainstream in the church in 3 to 4 years.

When Dr James Dobson asked Margaret and myself to distribute his shocking interview with serial sex killer Ted Bundy, over 20 years ago he told me, "Most Christian men have problems with pornography!" Knowing about our Christian ministry in Australia Dobson also looked to Margaret and myself to help him establish Focus on the Family Down Under, he looked to no one else.

Another speaker is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair magazine, award winning author and journalist Nancy Jo Sales. She launched her new book, "American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers" and shocked everybody. We are in an unprecedented moment in human history with massive amounts of sexual activity amongst our children due to social media. "Social media is destroying our lives" say the girls but they are obsessed with it and it is consuming them. "Likes" are today's social currency and have produced a new and extremely dangerous type of childhood. She said the American Psychological Association 2007 report "Sexualisation of Girls" was way before its time. You cannot protect your children enough today. When she signed her book for me I told her I had 5 granddaughters (now I have 6) and she stopped, looked me in the eye and said, "Don't let them have a Smart Phone!!!" She emphatically added, "Don't let them around ANY children with a Smart Phone!!!" She says we are not winning the war with porn and children.

Shockingly, she found that when girls are betrayed by those boys they "sext" as the boys share the nude photos with their friends the girls' response is, "I didn't know he liked me that much.

Thanks to social media today we have self generated child pornography, never before in human history has it been this bad. Who are our daughters going to marry, a porn addicted church Elder, porn addled Sunday School teacher or porn watching Deacon?

One of the top neurosurgeons in the world, Dr Don Hilton said looking at porn has consequences. It changes the shape of your brain just like lifting weights changes the shape of your muscles. Impact on Bystander Intervention surveys show porn users will NOT intervene in a sexual assault and in fact will whip out their cell phone and film it! Porn users will always trivialise rape and our women will never get justice from a porn addicted jury. Porn users hand down ½ the rape sentence of others. Massive exposure to porn is just 4 hours and 48 minutes total over 6 weeks. Australian women are fools to expect justice from our porn addled juries. A US university research project comparing heavy, medium and light viewers of porn had to be cancelled because they could find NO light viewers!!!!!

Dr Hilton pointed out that pornography is nothing more than prostitution for mass consumption. Porn produces what is know as a "Supranormal Stimulus" which means it programs its users to prefer the plastic to the real. Sadly, many Australian women are married to men who secretly prefer to make love to their hands rather than their wives. Feminist author Naomi Woolf correctly states that "Real photos of naked women is now just bad porn.

Donald Hilton, fellow of the American College of Surgeons and of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and Director of Neurological Training at San Antonio's Methodist Hospital (among many other qualifications) told us that porn is biologically addictive, changing our culture significantly, a major public health hazard and warns that children's brain receptors to pleasure are more vulnerable than adults. We were shown how the nefarious porn producers targeted sites frequented by 9 to 11 year-olds. They then install pop-ups and blatant porn imagery for free in order to entice the children to more explicit and expensive sites.

Dr Reena Isaac, Medical Director of the Texas Children's Hospital's Forensic Nurse program, one of the largest forensic nursing programs in the world, and a US Government Homeland Security Adviser on Human Trafficking told us that when she found out she was pregnant with girls, she has a 1 year old and a 3 year old daughter, she cried! She can see what is happening and recommends talking about online activity at a very young age, discuss the danger of talking about sex and never, ever share personal information. She says, "Block, block, block, filter, filter, filter and monitor, monitor, monitor!!!" Adolescents are at the forefront of technology, we are the digital immigrants!

I had great conversations with such feminist icons as Drs Gail Dines, Laura Lederer and Donna Hughes. When Gail Dines was just here for the Sydney Writers Festival she was invited on Q&A. She has nothing but abject disdain and complete contempt for the Australian media professionals - most Aussies do not know that our Free-to-Air TV standards would be a criminal offence in the US - and went into great detail how they were like a bunch of highschool boys with erections giggling and drooling over porn. She and Laura Lederer are great admirers of Judith Reisman and were instrumental with Dr Reisman in founding the American feminist anti-porn movement and publishing the seminal tome Take Back the Night. Judith is a close family friend, my daughter was in her daughter's wedding in Washington several years ago and I have had her in Australia a number of occasions with great success each time. Dr Reisman is the reason we have Pay TV in Australia with no X Rated content, the only country in the western world where this can be said! Donna Hughes, Endowed Chair in Women's Studies and Professor of Gender and Women Studies and Sociology & Anthropology, University of Rhode Island - more on her later - even admitted to me privately and publicly that the way her state of Rhode Island defeated prostitution and protected its women from the sex slavery trade was by banning the industry, full stop!!!

Clay Olsen, a very young, very bright rising star in the anti porn movement with his ministry Fight the New Drug, had his professional crew film some of the speakers for a documentary. After my interview the camera crew, staff, lighting experts and make up folks all gathered around and told me how excited they were about my success stories. One young gentleman told me they had interviewed heaps and heaps of folks but I was the only one actually doing something!!!!! South African television filmed the entire event and their Christian presenter excitedly told me that he was going to air my segment all across Africa! He said Africans, especially Christians, would be encouraged by my address and must realise their salvation lies in God, not in government!!!

Google "CESE Summit 2016" for much more about the many excellent speakers.

In times past, the family, Rabbi, Priest or church taught us sex education. Today our children are being taught sex ed by Google. If you don't want your children to be told what sex is by Google enact their "Safe Search" function. Do it now. When you purchase a Smart phone in the UK or a computer with Internet capabilities you cannot access porn ... unless you apply for it. Same provision also applies in Iceland where they even require a 2 paragraph, detailed description of how you will protect children from accessing the porn sites when you apply for the Opt-in service. Ask PM Turnbull to enact Opt-in provisions here in Australia. This is not banning, burning or censoring anything but is simply respecting the civil liberties of those of us who have no use for Internet porn and is protecting children from its addiction. Other addictions have some sort of restrictive measures in place regarding children, why have we left the addiction of pornography alone? This is how AFF defeated the Dial-a-Porn industry in Australia and we have been lobbying the government for opt-in Internet porn provisions ever since. It can be done and has been done elsewhere. Australia has missed the chance to lead on this extremely important issue but it can now follow.

Prostitution in America would not exist if the present laws were enforced. Rhode Island was the last state in America with legal prostitution and they just outlawed it saying, "The only way to protect the women is to ban the industry." Sadly the bulk of the radical feminist ideology behind the current push for the Nordic Model stems from a man-hating perspective, not a Biblical perspective. I got the feminist experts in the prostitution break-out session to admit that the current laws upheld in the US would see NO prostitution. They however were all excited about introducing the Nordic Model in the US when it makes no sense to enact new legislation when existing legislation suffices. What makes people think the new laws will be upheld when the existing laws are not? The head of the Vice Squad for the Houston Police Department, a committed Christian with a very large gun on his belt, after hearing that the "guvt" should do this and the "guvt" should do that had to point out during the prostitution segment that America is NOT a socialist country.

In Louisiana when prostitutes are arrested they are not sent to jail they are taken to any number of Faith Based, Church run programs. The government is not equipped to deal with the problem other than to enforce the law. If we love the women trapped in the prostitution trade we will ban the industry, any and ALL aspects of the industry. Militant defenders of Biblical morality will do this; defend Biblical morality. Christians with Biblical Worldview recognise the desperate need to vigorously withstand all aspects of the prostitution trade. The Nordic Model is simply that, a Nordic Model and cannot be supported by a Biblical Christian.

Pornography was mentioned by each of the numerous International experts as the foundation for all aspects of the sexual exploitation industry. AFF has been successfully bringing Jesus into the porn battle in Australia for over 30 years with internationally recognised victories.

I blasted socialism in my presentation, in Australia we worship it, and was applauded. Socialism kills more babies than war. Infant mortality rates in socialist soaked Venezuela are much higher than in war ravaged Syria!

Sadly many Christian political activists in Australia foolishly and selfishly refuse to mention AFF when listing groups who fight porn. Although the keynote speaker for the recent World Congress on Families Conference in Sydney stayed with my daughter's family here in Tasmania, I was told by the Australian organisers that I had "no role to play" in the event. Their keynote speaker said they demeaned themselves by excluding me. This international Summit in Texas was a World Congress on Families event and I have known the organisers for many years. No matter how much foolish and insecure activists shun me in Australia, I am still called by God to this ministry and will persevere.

Current campaigns:

  1. Protect children in Queensland from unrestricted access to the grossly pornographic imagery in Australian Penthouse magazine. Lobby legislators to place all porn magazines, including Penthouse, in a "Restricted" category.
  2. Opt-in for Internet porn, if you want it - apply for it. <> will reach the Prime Minister's desk.
  3. Place the same simple restrictions on X Rated DVDs in the territories as already exists in each and every state in Australia. Under our constitution the federal government rules the territories as evidenced by Kevin Andrews stopping the Northern Territory from implementing euthanasia laws. A stroke of a pen will accomplish these sensible restrictions.
  4. In order to protect the women in the industry, outlaw any and ALL forms of prostitution.
  5. Reject the unbiblical notion of establishing a government registry whereby homosexuals can register their sin. Christians should not facilitate the committing of sin.
  6. Reject the blatantly socialist proposals currently circulating through gullible churchgoers such as civil government paying mothers who stay at home or paying them to have children. These, and there are many others, are classic examples of socialism which is against God and His word.

After the conference I spent several days at the headquarters of the American Family Association, addressed their entire staff and conducted several radio interviews with American Family Radio. My Focal Point interview with Bryan Fischer, an extremely influential and popular national Christian radio announcer, generated interview requests across America from New Orleans to Chicago to LA. I even conducted an hour-long national radio interview with Urban Talk, a radio ministry to Black, inner city families, especially men.

My experience with the Tasmanian churches now makes much more sense to me.
The following is a little Facebook post:

Christian apologist and prolific author Josh McDowell points out in his newest book "The Porn Phenomenon" that the millennials are the biggest users of porn in man's history. This is the reason why we will see porn mainstream in the church in 3 to 4 years. I now understand the hesitancy and resistance to my ministry at the last 2 churches I attended for the last 7 years. Started by a very young man with a nose ring who says nothing is wrong with tattoos (If that's not a millennial, what is?) and run by millennials is Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Hobart, I call it the Children's Church. At this church the leaders praise Kevin Rudd as a fine Christian and members proudly make donations to the eco terrorist group The Sea Shepherd! Much more could be added but I sat in their service each Sunday, my Son-in-Law is a Deacon, holding my granddaughters for 4 years. No one at the church, no one, ever even asked me one thing about my ministry. The church never had me share a word about any of our state wide, nationwide or local campaigns and there was simply no interest whatsoever in what I have spent the last 30 years of my life doing.

When my Son-in-Law shifted to Huonville and became a part of the Redeemer Reformed Church I sat and held my granddaughters for the last 3 years every Sunday in their church services. They decry altar calls and demean Billy Graham and his style of evangelism. They actually joke about Jesus not fitting into someone's heart and ridicule, even from the pulpit, "I see that hand". For some, raising "that hand" was the most important and impactful decision ever made. Same total and complete lethargy and indifference to my ministry fighting porn.

In fact, I have had very young people in the 2 churches tell me I could never have an effective Christian ministry, that my newsletter was "not very Christian" and that I was a fool to say Homeschooling was the best form of education. Some of these arrogant young millennials actually try to school me in politics! As Josh McDowell points out they are the most prodigious users of porn in the history of mankind! I think it has addled their small brains.

I may a bit slow but I have finally figured out why there was absolutely no interest whatsoever in my ministry against porn in these Presbyterian and Reformed churches. I no longer attend either but I do ask the same question, just who are our granddaughters going to marry?

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