With all of the govt agencies, hundreds of public servants, office buildings, bureaucrats, etc, the best way we have found to be successful against those who are further attempting to corrupt our culture is with the advertisers – those who pay for the TV shows, magazines, etc.  100% of the advertisers we have targeted with boycott campaigns in Australian Playboy and Penthouse have cancelled their ads!  We have had them removed from the largest chains of retailers in Australia with organised or threatened boycott campaigns.  Australian Playboy no longer exists because we made it unaffordable for them to continue to print their smut sheet!

The TV shows don’t necessarily care about your daughters they care about your dollars!  The Victorian Government commissioned a report by the Family and Community Development Committee in August of 1998.  It is entitled “The effects of Television & Multimedia on children and families in Victoria.  On Page 60 they quote an American researchers project on television’s impact on children.  It states, “Television is not about raising social consciousness or even representing a more or less accurate view of reality.  It is about selling people to an advertiser.”

Longtime AFF readers will know just how effective we have been by targeting the advertisers of offensive and inappropriate television.  We have had planned TV mini-series unable to secure sponsorship, we have had TV programs cancelled, we have had TV movies and big budget, national TV shows cancelled because we have targeted the advertisers – those who pay for the show to go to air.

ACTION: Show your disapproval and concern by making fast and effective complaints to TV stations and regulatory bodies. Not sure how to do that? Order multiple copies of our (donation only) valuable new resource: the "Action Procedure Manual". This gives full contact details for Australian broadcasters and broadcasting "watchdogs" such as the ACMA which regulates television. Keep this next to your computer, phone or desk, and next time you see something on TV that is inappropriate, tell them! What you see appearing on television in your homes is whatever you and I allow.

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We have been full time lobbyists for Aussie families since 1983.  AFF is dedicated to upholding Biblical family values, promoting a Biblical Christian worldview, and educating and mobilising concerned individuals to positively affect their homes, communities, country and world.

We not only encourage Christians to be "salt" and "light", but provide credible strategies for doing so.  One of our specific goals is the removal of pornography from the family marketplace where children have access.

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