“...we know that there were over 4,000 submissions [against RU486]. Of this number approx 2,000 will be regarded as "correspondence" because they addressed issues other than therapeutic aspects. Another 1,000 were "form" letters and will also be disregarded. These 3,000 "submissions" were all against making RU486 available. 1,100 were regarded as legimate submissions. 1,000 approx were against RU486, 100 for it, a ratio of 10 to 1. Given the overall total, the ratio was 40 to 1.”   source: NaCl  http://nacl.com.au

These MPs voted for the RU486 Legislation and against your flood of letters and submissions:

House of Representatives

Adams, D.G.H.;  Albanese, A.N.;  Bailey, F.E.;  Baird, B.G.;  Beazley, K.C.;  Bevis, A.R.;  Billson, B.F.;  Bird, S.;  Bishop, J.I.;  Bowen, C.;  Brough, M.T.;  Burke, A.E.;  Cobb, J.K.;  Corcoran, A.K.;  Costello, P.H.;  Crean, S.F.;  Danby, M.;  Edwards, G.J.;  Elliot, J.;  Ellis, A.L.;  Ellis, K.;  Emerson, C.A.;  Entsch, W.G.;  Ferguson, L.D.T.;  Ferguson, M.J.;  Fitzgibbon, J.A.;  Gambaro, T.;  Garrett, P.;  Gash, J.;  Georganas, S.;  George, J.;  Georgiou, P.;  Gibbons, S.W.;  Gillard, J.E.;  Grierson, S.J.;  Griffin, A.P.;  Haase, B.W.;  Hall, J.G.;  Hatton, M.J.;  Henry, S.;  Hoare, K.J.;  Hockey, J.B.;  Hull, K.E.;  Hunt, G.A.;  Irwin, J.;  Jenkins, H.A.;  Jensen, D.;  Johnson, M.A.;  Jull, D.F.;  Keenan, M.;  Kerr, D.J.C.;  King, C.F.;  Laming, A.;  Lawrence, C.M.;  Ley, S.P.;  Lindsay, P.J.;  Livermore, K.F.;  Macfarlane, I.E.;  Macklin, J.L.;  May, M.A.;  McArthur, S.;  McClelland, R.B.;  McMullan, R.F.;  Melham, D.;  Moylan, J.E.;  Nairn, G.R.;  Nelson, B.J.;  O’Connor, B.P.;  Owens, J.;  Pearce, C.J.;  Plibersek, T.;  Price, L.R.S.;  Prosser, G.D.;  Quick, H.V.;  Ripoll, B.F.;  Roxon, N.L.;  Rudd, K.M.;  Scott, B.C.;  Sercombe, R.C.G.;  Smith, A.D.H.;  Smith, S.F.;  Snowdon, W.E.;  Southcott, A.J.;  Stone, S.N.;  Swan, W.M.;  Tanner, L.;  Thompson, C.P.;  Thomson, K.J.;  Ticehurst, K.V.;  Turnbull, M.;  Vamvakinou, M.;  Washer, M.J.;  Wilkie, K; Windsor, A.H.C.;  Wood, J.

The Senate

Adams, J.;  Allison, L.F.;  Bartlett, A.J.J.;  Brown, B.J.;  Brown, C.L.;  Campbell, G.;  Carr, K.J.;  Colbeck, R.;  Coonan, H.L.;  Crossin, P.M.;  Evans, C.V.;  Faulkner, J.P.;  Ferris, J.M.;  Fifield, M.P.;  Hill, R.M.;  Hurley, A.;  Johnston, D.;  Kirk, L.; Ludwig, J.W.;  Lundy, K.A.;  Macdonald, I.;  Marshall, G.;  McEwen, A.;  McLucas, J.E.;  Milne, C.;  Moore, C.;  Murray, A.J.M.;  Nash, F.;  Nettle, K.;  O’Brien, K.W.K.;  Patterson, K.C.;  Payne, M.A.;  Ray, R.F.;  Scullion, N.G.;  Sherry, N.J.; Siewert, R.;  Sterle, G.;  Stott Despoja, N.;  Troeth, J.M.;  Trood, R.;  Vanstone, A.E.;  Watson, J.O.W.;  Webber, R.;  Wong, P;.   Wortley, D.


Please thank the following MPs who Voted Pro Life and Opposed the RU486 Legislation

House of Representatives

Abbott, A.J.;  Anderson, J.D.; Andrews, K.J; Baker, M.;  Baldwin, R.C.;  Barresi, P.A.;  Bartlett, K.J.;  Bishop, B.K.;  Broadbent, R.;  Burke, A.S.;  Byrne, A.M.;  Cadman, A.G.;  Causley, I.R.;  Ciobo, S.M.;  Downer, A.J.G.;  Draper, P.;  Dutton, P.C.;  Farmer, P.F.;  Fawcett, D.;  Ferguson, M.D.;  Forrest, J.A.;  Hardgrave, G.D.;  Hartsuyker, L.;  Hayes, C.P.;  Howard, J.W.;  Katter, R.C.;  Kelly, D.M.;  Kelly, J.M.;  Lloyd, J.E.;  Markus, (the good guys, continued)

L.;  McGauran, P.J.;  Murphy, J.P.;  Neville, P.C.;  O’Connor, G.M.;  Panopoulos, S.;  Pyne, C.;  Randall, D.J.;  Richardson, K.;  Robb, A.;  Ruddock, P.M.;  Schultz, A.;  Secker, P.D.;  Slipper, P.N.;  Somlyay, A.M.;  Tollner, D.W.;  Truss, W.E.;  Tuckey, C.W.;  Vale, D.S.;  Vasta, R.;  Wakelin, B.H.

The Senate

Abetz, E.;  Barnett, G.;  Bishop, T.M.;  Boswell, R.L.D.;  Brandis, G.H.;  Calvert, P.H.;  Chapman, H.G.P.;  Conroy, S.M.;  Eggleston, A.;  Ellison, C.M.;  Ferguson, A.B.;  Fielding, S.;  Fierravanti-Wells, C.;  Forshaw, M.G.;  Heffernan, W.;  Hogg, J.J.;  Humphries, G.;  Hutchins, S.P.;  Joyce, B. ‘  Macdonald, J.A.L.;  Mason, B.J.;  McGauran, J.J.J.;  Minchin, N.H.;  Parry, S.;  Polley, H.;  Ronaldson, M.;  Santoro, S.;  Stephens, U.

source: Right to Life Australia   www.rtlaust.com


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