The Australian of 24 March 2006 said “Muslim nations must show the tolerance they demand.”  The editorial mentions the now famous case of a former Muslim, Abdul Rahman, at that date under death sentence for his “crime” of converting from Islam to Christianity.  The Australian newspaper courageously continued, “Rahman, 41, was arrested last month after police found a Bible in his home and, like Christian martyrs of yesteryear, he has steadfastly refused to renounce his faith – even if it means imprisonment and execution.”  Afgani President Hamid Karzai “tramples on religious freedom while holding open the door to the further killing of others on the basis of their confession.”

“…the treatment of Christian and other religious minorities in these (Muslim) lands is often disgraceful – even as Islamic leaders plead for tolerance of their own beliefs in the West.  In Saudi Arabia, Christians aren’t even allowed to worship; in Indonesia, three Christian schoolgirls were recently beheaded by locals for their faith; in Nigeria, Pakistan and many other countries, churches have been burned and Christians killed in sectarian riots often triggered by the mere rumour of insult to Islam.”  (Interestingly, we ‘intolerant’ Christians did not kill anyone or bomb anything when many felt the Lord was ridiculed by Ron Barassi walking on water at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.  One can only imagine what would have happened if Islam’s prophet had been portrayed in such a manner.)

“Treasurer Peter Costello was recently criticised for saying Islamic sharia law is not welcome in Australia; the case of Abdul Rahman showed why he is right.” The Australian

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