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Gay Rights

Why are the following facts about the public health dangers of homosexual activity being hidden? Is there a conspiracy of silence amongst our government and media? Are they deliberately attempting genocide against homosexuals in Australia by witholding vital scientific information about their life threatening activity?


San Jose Mercury News, 24 April 1990 reports:

US national rate of syphilis was 11 cases per 100,000; in California, the rate was 18.6 per 100,000; in San Francisco the rate was 240 per 100,000: more than 20 times the national average. San Francisco Health Department Clinic Director Dr Irvin Braff is quoted in the article as saying the "problem is due to generally active people having multiple sex partners." (emphasis added)

The American Spectator, August 1984, in an article entitled "Gay Times and Gay Diseases" medical researcher Dr J Gordon Muir (co-author of Kinsey, Sex and Fraud) details how gays are spreading venereal diseases through what is known as the "Gay Bowel Syndrome". A group of rare bowel diseases spreading through gay communities in the U. S. include; (more information on page 4)

  • Amebiasis: a parasitic colon disease which causes dysentery and sometimes liver abscesses
  • Giardiasis: a parasitic bowel disease which causes diarrhea
  • Shigellosis: a bacterial bowel disease which can cause severe dysentery
  • Hepatitis A: a viral liver disease spread by fecal contamination

Dr Muir found a fourfold to tenfold increase in gay bowel diseases beginning in 1977. "The incidence of shigellosis and hepatitis A in men 20 to 29 years of age is now 6 to 10 times that of men or women in any other age group. It is self evident, that gay practices are an assault upon the ecology of the human body, that the gay communities of the American cities are polluted with disease. With respect to AIDS, there exists a potential for disaster." (emphasis added)

"The Gay Dilemma", Psychology Today , January 1984, p. 56 mentions a 1972 study conducted by the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) and notes that:

  • 50% of male homosexuals surveyed had over 500 different sexual partners
  • AIDS victims had had an average of 1100 sex partners

Bay Area Reporter, [Vol. XXI, 37 (12 September 1991): 1, 27] reports that doctors are seeing an outbreak of a new drug-resistant strain of TB among AIDS patients in New York and Miami hospitals. CDC headquarters in Atlanta has located 3 hospitals in New York where drug-resistant TB strains are multiplying among patients. This apparently follows a 1988 TB outbreak in a Miami hospital. In all, 147 patients at 4 hospitals have been infected with TB. Of those, 141 were HIV positive patients. (emphasis added)

San Francisco Examiner, 1 Feb 92, reports that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is "worried about the tuberculosis rate in San Francisco that is 5 times the national average...". The article goes on to say that a representative of the Department of Public Health "attributed the higher-than-average tuberculosis rate to the rise of TB among people with HIV." (emphasis added)

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 16 March 1990, page 1497, reports "...the number of AIDS cases in San Francisco by 1993 is expected to be between 12,349 and 17,022, with between 9,966 and 12,767 cumulative deaths."

New England Journal Of Medicine, 1980;302;463-464, in an article entitled Medical Aspects of Homosexuality stated, "Oral and anal intercourse present physicians with surgical as well as medical problems, ranging from anal fissures and impaction of foreign bodies in the rectum to major diagnostic dilemmas. Infection in traumatized rectal mucosa and in amoebic or herpetic ulcers above the level of the anal ring may produce formations that mimic rectal carcinoma."

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 1984, vol 252, p. 2042, reports on the proper "safe sex" guide-lines issued by the Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Medical Association and states: "Sexual contact should be avoided with persons known to have or suspected of having AIDS."

Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Homosexual Men (New York Medical Books: Plenum Medical Book Co., 1983), pp. 141-149, by David G Ostrow, Terry A Sandholzer and Yehudi M Feldman state the obvious, "Physiologically, the rectum is designed for the expulsion of feces. When sodomy is performed, the peculiar forced inward expansion of the anal canal results in a tearing of the lining as well as bleeding anal fissures. Along with anal fissure and syphilitic chancre, mucosal ulceration of the rectal area is common in homosexual males."

Annals of Internal Medicine,1983, vol 99, pp. 145-151, reports that "Blood from rectal mucosal lesions [which] are known to be common in homosexual males who engage in rectal intercourse, could contain the infectious agent responsible for this epidemic." Please note that this important study detailing the correlation between homosexual behaviour/diseases and the prevalence of AIDS was published by the American College of Physicians as far back as August of 1983!

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 1984;251:237-241 published research which proved that sodomy suppresses the immune system even without AIDS. During sodomy, the naturally aggressive properties of sperm combined with damage to the rectal wall enable spermatozoa to penetrate the mucosal lining.

U S Public Health Service Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report 22 June 1984, in a section entitled "Update: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)" report that "Many gays engage in occasional heterosexual sex acts, so about 1% of the victims of AIDS are female sex partners of those infected."

Science magazine, 27 April 1984 published research by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology from Cornell Medical Center in New York which found that the occurrence of AIDS among homosexuals "may have some relation to circulating antibodies evoked as a result of semen deposition in the alimentary canal [intestine]. Human seminal fluid apparently contains components that potentially can suppress the immune response." (emphasis added)

The Lancet, British medical journal of 2 June 1984, pp. 1212-1214 reports: "A homosexual individual is repeatedly exposed to viral antigens such as herpes and sperm antigens which can be absorbed through the intact intestine or through mucosal lesions." (emphasis added)

Journal of the American Medical Association, 1984, vol 251, pp. 237-241, found that "during sodomy, the biological design of the rectum combined with the aggressive properties of sperm expedite their substantial entrance into the bloodstream. When this occurs repeatedly, antibodies to sperm develop which circulate and impair the immune system."

The above scientific findings combined with the failure rate of condoms during anal sex should prove to be the death knell for the "safe sex" argument.

The Lancet, 21/28 Dec 1985, stated that prostitutes "whose clients used condoms during anal intercourse noted that condoms split more often (up to 50%) than they did during vaginal intercourse. This is an important observation in the light of recommendations that condoms be used by homosexual men during anal intercourse." (emphasis added)

British Medical Journal, 15 Nov 1986, p. 1259, quotes Dr Kaye Wellings saying "There is no evidence... that the standard condom membrane will stand up to anal sex." (emphasis added)

British Medical Journal, 11 Sept 1987, reports on a controlled study of Dutch homosexual couples and states "of 200 trials, there were 21 ruptures and 30 'slips' for a failure rate of 26%." (emphasis added)

Third International Conference on AIDS, 4 June 1987, received testimony from Dr Margaret Fischl of the University of Miami whose research discovered 3 out of 18 infected males have infected their mates while using condoms. [17% failure rate] (Fischl, et al, III International Conference on AIDS Abstracts Volume, p. 178.)

British Medical Journal, 26 Oct 1985, quotes Dr Bruce Voeller of the Mariposa Foundation and says the condom cannot be trusted to prevent the transmission of viral diseases contracted by sexual intercourse. He points out the generally accepted failure rate of condoms as contraceptives is 10% and says the failure rate for the prevention of AIDS would be considerably higher. (emphasis added)
The Lancet, 29 Dec 1984, pp. 711-715, reports on research that suggests "HTLV-III is sexually transmitted and that the rectal mucosa may be unusually vulnerable to passage of the AIDS agent."

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 1984;251: p. 241, in a paper entitled "Chronic Immune Stimulation by Sperm Alloantigens; Support for the Hypothesus that Spermatozoa Induce Immune Dysregulation in Homosexual Males" reports that AIDS development must involve the transmission of the HLTV-III/LAV lentivirus. The AMA goes on to warn that sperm induced immune dysregulation may "predispose the anal-sperm-recipient homosexual males to the more severe phenomena of opportunistic infections and Kaposi's sarcoma." (emphasis added)

The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Infections of Homosexual Men , published by Yorke Medical Books, New York, 1984, p. 100 states that:

"In the United States, homosexual men have a higher prevalence of hepatitis B infection than any other group."

Annals of Internal Medicine, 1982; vol 96: pp.170-173, notes that "rectal mucosal lesions, usually including punctuate bleeding points, have been reported to occur in homosexual men with persistent hepatitis B virus infection." The bleeding lesions induced by hepatitis B also provide points of entry and exit for the AIDS virus.

Annals of Clinical Laboratory Science, 1976, vol 6, p. 184, first reported on what is known as the "gay bowel syndrome" to describe the prevalence of a group of rare bowel diseases among male homosexuals in the United States. One of the main conditions considered to be a part of this syndrome is hepatitis A which is a viral liver disease spread by fecal contamination. Minute amounts of feces are able to transmit the infection.

New England Journal of Medicine, 1980;302:435-438, in an article entitled, "Sexual Transmissions of Hepatitis A in Homosexual Men" it is stated that "Among male homosexuals, these diseases [Amebiasis, Giardiasis, Shigellosis and Hepatitis A] are rampant because of oral-anal practices involving the ingestion of fecal matter."

The Berean League, "When The Wicked Seize A City", 1993, Huntington House Publishers, p. 98, compiled statistics concerning venereal disease. "San Francisco alone has seen a venereal disease rate 22 times the national average since gay rights laws were passed in our city. There's been a 100% increase in the spread of infectious hepatitis A; a 300% increase in hepatitis B; amoebic colon infections increased 2,500%; venereal disease clinics see 75,000 patients every year, of whom 80% are homosexual males; 20% of them carry rectal gonorrhea."

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