Christian lobbyists in Australia are being disingenuous in their support of the Nordic Model on prostitution. Christians are being sold a tainted bill of goods by listening to certain, otherwise well-meaning, leaders instead of searching the Scriptures to see whether these things be so. (Acts 17:11) The Nordic Model allows our daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, granddaughters and nieces to work as prostitutes.  A Christian is to be like Christ, the last time I checked, and should vigorously withstand all aspects of this pernicious trade in human misery, not just some aspects of it. We should not participate in but expose the unfruitful deeds of darkness (Eph 5:11) - the promotion of prostitution. As Christians we should be abolitionists when it comes to prostitution, not regulationists. Imagine William Wilberforce campaigning to only regulate the slave trade and not to abolish it?

Recently I was priviledged to spend time with some of the world's top feminist leaders promoting the Nordic Model on prostitution. People need to understand that from my perspective it has at it's foundation a man-hating ideology, certainly not a Christian ideology. You know, whatever is pure, holy etc?(Phil 4:8) It punishes the men who visit prostitutes - bad, bad men - and not the women who voluntarily sell their services to the men - nice, nice women. Imagine if the same stand were to be taken against hard core drugs? Deal with the users instead of the pushers!?

Drs Gail Dines, Laura Lederer, Mary Ann Layden, Donna Hughes (Google them) and other prominent feminist proponents of the so-called Nordic Model actually admitted in a professional forum at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation that if the present laws were enforced against prostitution it would no longer exist in America. As these laws are not currently enforced somehow these otherwise intelligent women think that a new law is needed and that it will magically be enforced. Yeah right, was that a flying pig that just went by?

Joanne Giannini, Democrat leader in the Rhode Island legislature - the very last state in America with statewide legal prostitution correctly stated, "The only way to protect the women trapped in the nefarious web of legal prostitution is to ban the industry." Seated at the table with the above mentioned feminists I got them all to admit that this was indeed true. Rhode Island banned ALL aspects of prostitution in order to protect it's women. Australia should follow the lead of ALL American states and ban all aspects of prostitution. The Nordic Model does not do this, it only penalises the bad, bad men who visit the nice, nice prostitutes.

These feminists fail to mention the massive Christian opposition to this law in every country where it has been passed but nothing new there. Pro abortion laws and pro homosexual marriage laws have always been passed with Christian opposition being ignored. Even when New York passed a version of the Nordic Model it was quickly rescinded. New York deemed it inadequate as it did not protect women from prostitution. Since it only targets the men who visit brothels - remember, bad, bad men - and not the women who encourage these visits - remember, nice, nice women - it simply dealt with the men who may be shamed by getting caught. Where is the shame in visiting a brothel in Australia today? They are even publicly listed and trade shares on the ASX! Australian political identity Pru Goward has been quoted in a prominent women's magazine as saying she wished her husband visited brothels when she was away from home!

In third world countries women are sometimes forced into prostitution and even sold into the vile sex trade by their families to ward off starvation. In general, this is not the case in Australia or other First World countries. The prostitutes simply like the money - remember, nice, nice women.

The Nordic Model will allow women to be sexually penetrated daily, hourly, half hourly, 1/4 hourly by weird men - remember bad, bad men - who pay for this voluntary service - remember nice, nice women. These same feminist leaders fail to convince me how women are somehow empowered by this dangerously unhealthy insanity.

This is the 21st century and the trend across the civilised world is in favour of women's rights. The Nordic Model is in favour of trafficking in human flesh and putting all women at risk by not banning the industry.

This is the Christian message I gave to world leaders at the International Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation in November last year in Houston Texas: IN THE ARENA: fighting the “Winnable War” against porn in Australia

When I returned to Australia, United Christian Broadcasters interviewed me for their entire 20/20 nationwide program with Neil Johnson. Here is what they put on their website and you can download the interview from our web site.

AFF has successfully argued against establishing houses of prostitution - and even closed existing ones - at official federal, state and local government parliamentary forums. Here is the data in one of my successful submissions, copies of which were requested by the New South Wales Association of State Councils:

Submission Protecting Australians from Legal Prostitution

At present the South Australian government is contemplating legalising prostitution and their elected members of parliament need to hear from you.

In our "Take Action" section, select "Politicians" and contact the South Australian Premier, his cabinet colleagues and all MPs and Senators. Ask them to move with the times and respect women by banning all aspects of prostitution. In the 21st Century the worldwide sentiment is to protect women from the now-proven harm caused by prostitution, not expose them to it. Sadly Christian activist groups are advocating on behalf of the Nordic Model when Christian activist groups should be advocating on behalf of a Christian Model. We have to speak louder. BTW your submission need not be more than the fact that you want ALL aspects of prostitution proscribed, not simply some aspects of it. Certainly women in Australia deserve the same protection that was afforded to women in Rhode Island.

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