Recently convicted paedophile Paul Wilson lobbied governments for removal of all age of consent laws, says children are not harmed by adult/child sex, and is a prominent pro-porn apologist. He was a frequent contributor to and paid by Australian Penthouse magazine. Wilson was flown by Penthouse to New York to interview American hard-core porn merchant Al Goldstein, publisher of the infamous "Screw" magazine. The article very favourable to the porn industry. Wilson was frequently trotted out by Australia's porn professionals to quote his garbage about there being no link with porn and violent crime.

Queensland academic Paul Wilson also penned a bestiality article entitled "Animal Acts" for Australian Penthouse magazine. He even went so far as to document which breeds of dogs are best to raise for that purpose!! I guess his predilections did not stop with underage children!!! 

In his book "The Man They Called a Monster" Paul Wilson actually states that homosexual child rapist, Paul Osborne, was guilty of sexually molesting over 2,500 little boys but Wilson asks, "Was he really a monster?" He says Osborne approached him with photographic evidence of molesting over 2,500 little boys because he knew of Wilson's reputation as a civil libertarian and that he wouldn't turn him in to authorities! I mentioned him and others in a submission to the Queensland Crime Authority many years ago. I detailed some prominent members of the International Academic Paedophile Movement of whom Paul Wilson seems a member in good standing!

Wilson's career includes a stint as Director of Research for the Australian Institute of Criminology, author of books and articles promoting pornography and child rape, Dean of Humanities at Queensland's Bond University and being made a member of the Australian Psychological Society. 

He has finally been convicted of sexually interfering with a little girl over a prolonged period of time. This case was one which has been proven in court but there is no telling how many other children have been victims of this sexual predator. How did he get there?

Scientific research proves that users of pornography will always trivialise rape. It is also known that porn, if viewed over time, will affect behaviour. Wilson's insistence that porn use is harmless hints that his porn addiction has gotten out of control. Similar to serial sex killer Ted Bundy, Wilson seems to have walked through the doorway marked "Pornography" and was led down a path of destructive behaviour. Contrary to his absurd insistence that "children are not harmed by adult/child sexual behaviour", the victim(s) of Paul Wilson's perverted sexual games will be suffering lifelong consequences.

Sadly, Wilson is not alone in his promotion of perversion. The founder of the Women's Electoral Lobby in Australia Beatrice Faust is quoted in the Weekend Australian as saying "men who have intercourse with their offspring are not paedophiles." She also astonishingly says, "Uninhibited men who become casual about the age of consent and seek erotic titillation by transgressing it are not paedophiles either."

Wilson and Faust join many other Australian academics, doctors, jurists, media professionals and even Supreme Court Magistrates who look upon children as sexual merchandise who seem to see very little wrong with their molestation. Several are mentioned in AFF's parliamentary submission concerning what has become known as the International Academic Paedophile Movement. For more please see Pornography, academia, homosexuality and the promotion of paedophilia in Australia

Sadly even British PM Theresa May has recently been told that paedophiles should be able to adopt children and the Queensland parliament - the same ones who refuse to protect children from unrestricted access to the pornographic imagery in Australian Penthouse magazine - just lowered the age of consent for homosexual sex from 18 to 16. One wonders if they received a submission from Paul Wilson. 

Just how bad will we let it get?

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