Top 12 reasons why a Biblical Christian must take a vigorous stand AGAINST the Nordic Model on prostitution:

1) The Nordic Model allows our daughters, mothers, sisters, nieces, wives and granddaughters to work as prostitutes. Anyone with a Biblical Christian Worldview will protect women from working in such an immoral, unhealthy and dangerous profession.

2) The Nordic Model was implemented in New York and rescinded after it was found to only curb brothel visits by those men who may have been embarrassed at being found out. In Australia there is not much shame in visiting a brothel anymore. Brothel shares are traded publicly and they are even listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

3) The Nordic Model has at its base a feminist, man-hating ideology, not a Christian ideology. Instead of protecting women it simply punishes men - bad, bad men - nice, nice women.

4) It makes no sense from a lobbying perspective. Lobbying 101 demands that you ALWAYS ask for more than you expect to receive. Sadly the Nordic Model is the end goal, even for the Christian lobbyists in Australia. It is simply not good enough for a Biblical Christian to embrace the Nordic Model on prostitution. We must lift our vision.

5) A Christian with a Biblical Christian Worldview will vigorously withstand every aspect of prostitution as it is a pernicious trade in human flesh and places all women at great risk. A Biblical Christian, especially Christian men who haven't forgotten that their hands have been trained for war (Ps 144:1, Ps 18:34, 2 Sam 22:35), will take action to prohibit legislation that allows Aussie women and girls to work in the prostitution industry.

6) Christians should be abolitionists, not regulationists when it comes to prostitution. Imagine Abraham Lincoln regulating the slave trade in America's southern states instead of abolishing it? William Wilberforce, a hero of the Christian faith, was also an abolitionist when dealing with slavery. Look what he accomplished in the UK. A Biblical Christian will support moves to abolish - not regulate - the sex-for-hire industry, each and every aspect of it.

7) CS Lewis famously stated "Reach for the heavens and you get the earth thrown in, reach for the earth and you get neither." The Nordic Model is demonstrably reaching for the earth and is a lame attempt at addressing this very serious problem. It has been fought against by Christian groups and individuals in each and every country where it has been foolishly enacted. Remember it only punishes men who visit brothels.

8) The Nordic Model is most assuredly not a Christian model and makes no such claim. It is what its name implies, simply a Nordic Model. A Biblical Christian should only accept a Biblical Christian model which would prohibit ALL forms of prostitution.

9) Moral absolutes are to be embraced by Biblical Christians. The Nordic Model on prostitution, as it allows our daughters to work as prostitutes, is manifestly immoral and dangerously exposes them to physical and emotional harm, incurable STDs, potential violence, rampant drug use, sex slavery, human trafficking gangs and organised crime.

10) In Christianity the good is the enemy of the better and the better is the enemy of the best. The Nordic Model simply proscribes an aspect of prostitution whereas Christianity rejects every aspect of prostitution.

11) If we recognise that prostitution is a sin then the Nordic Model must be rejected out of hand by anyone with a Biblical Christian Worldview as it legitimises women working in the unhealthy sex-for-sale prostitution industry. Have our Christian political activists groups invested so much currency in the Nordic Model that they are embarrassed to be wrong?

12) Jesus said to the woman involved in illicit sex (John 8:11) "I don't condemn you, go and sin no more.” This tells us that although we should never "condemn" prostitutes, we should also never encourage them in their sin. Remember the Nordic Model legitimises prostitution by not proscribing it. Just as the ridiculous homosexual sex registry does nothing to discourage homosexuals from their sin, the Nordic Model on prostitution does not convict women that prostitution is sin, as Jesus would most assuredly have us do.

Please get this list into the hands of anyone in Australia with a Biblical Christian Worldview and help stop the populist move to allow our daughters to work as prostitutes.

In our "Take Action" section, select "Politicians" and contact the South Australian Premier, his cabinet colleagues and every MP in that state as they are, at present, looking at legitimising the women in their state working in the dangerous human trafficking and sex slavery industry known as prostitution. Tell them if they want to act in the very best interest of the women in their state to please proscribe ALL aspects of prostitution, not simply SOME aspects of it.

Biblical reproof, correction, encouragement or admonishment always welcome and appreciated. Fools seldom suffered.

Listen to Jack's interview on Vision Radio, recorded Monday 19 June 2017.

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